Rainbow Rice – Sensory Play

Rainbow rice

Making the Rice

I wanted to make bright vibrant coloured rainbow rice. Previously I had tried to make coloured play rice with food colouring and hand sanitiser; it came out okay but it wasn’t very vibrant.I found a new method on Pinterest using paint, I had serious doubts about it working. I anticipated it all sticking together and making a huge mess, I was wrong. It was quick and easy.

Using the cheapest rice I could find, I divided it into several zip lock bags(sandwich size ones like these). A quick squeeze of paint(I got ours from Tesco, but these are similar). Seal the bag and mix it about till all the rice is covered. Then pour out onto a baking sheet or some greaseproof paper and wait to dry(the drying didn’t take long at all, perhaps 30-45 mins).

Rainbow rice

Setting up

I got out our Grimms rainbow and our peg people and matched up the colours.

Rainbow rice

It didn’t take long for a digger to join the scene.

Rainbow rice

Fine motor skills were put to the test, picking out single grains of rice of a certain colour.

Rainbow rice

Rice was poured with hands and cups.

Rainbow rice

Cleaning up was quick and easy with the help of the vacuum cleaner.

I stored the rice in a Kilner jar and its ready for next time.

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